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Cascade creek photo

  And thus begins the web.

Artistic Endeavors

  A collection of my experiments in audio and visual art and entertainment. After 15 years of computer graphics, for both video games and special effects for film, I have started to reorganize my personal works for display and maybe eventually for sale.

-- Site Under Construction --

  This site is currently under construction. Thank you for being patient while I create my new space and hopefully implement some newer web technology. (If you want to see my old experiments, please take a look at my Burning Pixel site, especially the SVG test site I built back in 2000).

  Gort, my turnip is sitting amid vivisected rhombus' while Mauri's urn interacts with erratic necessity. Temper does immediate damage to libido infested lilies, and dominant discipline places us atop mentors. Integral erotic volume rises in ornate consequence.

Muir Woods tree cave 

Forest Features

  • The above photo was taken at Muir Woods. The brightness values have been manipulated.
  • You can see a collection of my photography in the Gallery.