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Marching cheerfully out of obscurity into the dream.

  As far as the rest of the world goes, I'm afraid gossip, "infotainment" and propaganda have taken over. We need news sources that don't have to pander to corporate and government interests (unfortunately, those two are the same thing these days).

So how about news sources with no government funding, no advertisers, no corporate influence...    Please support REAL news!

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Top Stories

  • DCA - A new hope for cancer treatment!
    University of Alberta is studying DCA, but needs funding
      Apparently a very promising cancer drug, already used in humans for mitochondrial diseases, DCA is an unpatented drug (off of which big pharma companies wouldn't be able to profit much) that could be cheap and should be researched further, but has been getting little attention.  -  Update: clinical studies in humans have begun in Canada (Sept.07)  -  Medicor is reporting observations of "off label" treatment they have conducted.  -  And here's a recent lab study.

  • Terra Preta / Amazonian Dark Earth stores carbon!
    Carbon Sequestration courtesy of the ancient Amazonian cultures
      Terra Preta: Also known as bio-char or agrichar, is created with pyrolysis (a method of creating charcoal and therefore keeping some of the carbon intact).  -  Can we go carbon-negative? If we could store more carbon in the ground and not keep cutting down all those forests, we could possibly reverse our carbon output.  -  University soil experts are investigating how these dark soils were created (hundreds of years ago) and why they work so well at both storing and supplying nutrients for robust plant growth.
      It appears that charcoal is highly beneficial to the Soil Organic Matter (soil life) in the rhizosphere (root zone).

  • President Bush signed order to make himself dictator
    I'm afraid this is a true story!
    The link to the actual document from the Whitehouse is gone, but here's a short article explaining the results. - Basically, In case of a "catastrophic emergency"...  "The President shall lead the activities of the Federal Government for ensuring constitutional government."   Sounds simple and harmless, but it gives the president control that would overrule congress and the courts!  -  Hey!  Now Obama can take over the country!