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About Me

   I've been doing computer graphics work for 16+ years. Twelve of them making computer games and freelancing, and then the last few years doing film effects work at The Orphanage on movies including Sin City, Superman Returns, and my favorite project, Shark Boy and Lava Girl in 3D!

Stay Human

   Trying to find a life though all those hours is a tough job though so I've been trying to take some time and figure out if I can't do something a little more personally fulfilling. The artistic endeavors I'll have here will hopefully help in that regard.


  •    I've been playing piano for a long time and have been getting back to performing and writing in the last few years. I hope to make that a bigger part of my existence. You will be able to hear some of my music here on my Music page.
  •    I have a number of photos I've taken in the last few years on this site as well. Photography is a great way to utilize my visual interests while getting me away from the computer and out in the world!  Need to do that more!
  •    One of my biggest peeves these days is the utterly infuriating lack of substance in the main stream media. I am supporting and promoting The Real News in hopes of them catching on, doing a good job, and hopefully influencing the humans with interesting, insightful and influential news and information about the world around us.
  •    I've also been looking into renewable energy and sustainable living technologies and strategies in anticipation of the coming change in modern civilization as peak oil and the end of cheap, easy energy hits and reduces our ability to transport food and goods such distances, and our ability to make cheap food, plastics, herbicides, pesticides, fertilizer, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics -  all petroleum products! 

The other Ron Lussier's?
  There are a few other Ron Lussier's around. One, who also does photography, is at