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   I've done computer graphics work for computer games, some freelance work, and film effects work at The Orphanage, on movies including Sin City, Superman Returns, and my old favorite project, Shark Boy and Lava Girl in 3D! - Just because I got to do stereo SFX.

Shark Boy and Lava Girl ice monsters 3D stereo image (A cross-eyed stereo image from a SBaLG shot I did a lot of work on.)


  •    Piano/keyboards - Some of my music is here on my Music page.

  •    I have a number of photos in the gallery.

  • 3D stereo imagery.

  •    The collapse of "civilization" caused by peak oil, climate change, stripped and contaminated soils, the dying oceans, and a debt bubble economy.  - - The end of cheap, easy energy reduces our ability to transport food and goods such distances, and our ability to make cheap food, plastics, herbicides, pesticides, fertilizer, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics -  all largely petroleum products!

  •    Soil life and restoration for plant health. Biochar.